Coagulation, Platelets, Rare Disease & Genetics

"Just want to say thank you. You guys do a really nice job! I’ve run several STAT specimens over there and there’s not a lot of labs that can get this type of turnaround and it's very helpful in the middle of a holiday weekend and the patient is in the ICU and it's definitely a really helpful service that you guys provide. (September 2, 2023)"

Hematologist/Oncologist Physician

Major SF Bay Area Heath System

"We were blown away by the rapid TAT! It was very helpful to get these (HLH) results so quickly because both of our patients were in the ICU without clear diagnoses. (May 25, 2023)"

Pathologist, National Reference Laboratory

"Thanks for getting the results to us so quickly. This patient’s case was quite complex. You guys are fantastic!"

Physician, Tower Health

West Reading, PA

"We truly appreciate the partnership with Machaon over this past year. Being able to provide regular, convenient and reliable testing for staff was a critical component of the District's safety plan. Testing provided the assurance to staff and families that it was safe to return to school. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all you did to make this happen! Again, it was a pleasure working with you and your team. (May 2021)"

Chief Financial Officer, Piedmont Unified School District

Piedmont, CA

"Machaon Diagnostics has been a game changer for our community (aHUS) with the affordable costs and turnaround time!! (July 2021)"

Barbara, former Board Member, atypical HUS Foundation

Rochester, New York

"Thank you for all you do at this time. We would not make it through this pandemic without your efforts! (September 2021)"


"It's so great that your lab can do this (HLH genetics) so fast! (June 2021)"

Division Head, PedHem/Onc

"Thank you for all you do to keep our community safe! The lives you touch are special to someone you cannot see!"


"You saved my patient’s life; you made my day! (HIT testing) (August 2021)"

Staff Physician, SF Bay Area Medical Center

San Francisco, CA

"Words really cannot express the gratitude of having this (COVID-19 genetic testing) service over the past few months. We have really appreciated the quick turnaround time and your patience in dealing with some of our special requests!"

Senior Director, Environmental Health & Safety

"You're still faster than everywhere else. (February 2022)"

Send-outs Coordinator, Jackson, MS Medical Center

Jackson, MS

"Your lab has been very helpful. We have now tested over 10 patients at your facility, 7 or 8 of them have been positive and did clinically have the disease as well. (April 2016)"

Hematologist/Oncologist, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)

Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Got the results, and just proves how great the service is by you guys!! (November 2021)"

Professor, staff nephrologist, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

"Lab techs, thank you for being our hero!"


"Thank you! Lab techs are like angels on earth!"


"Thank you so much! You guys are such a great team to work with and I’ll be sure to keep Machaon in mind if I’m ever in need of complement testing."

Clinical Trial Manager

"Thank you for your responsiveness, support, and diligence through these past months."

Director of Operations

"I was searching for a laboratory with coagulation expertise who could help us design and execute a plan to better understand one of our compounds. I would definitely recommend Machaon Diagnostics to anyone who needs specialized coagulation testing during preclinical or clinical development."

PhD, vice president of biochemistry, NASDAQ-listed pharmaceutical company

South San Francisco, CA

"We contracted Machaon to set up and run a clinical trial. Mike was a real pleasure to work with, ensuring the trial approvals went through without issue, conducting the trial with a high degree of objectivity and integrity and providing an excellent and useful report. We were quite impressed with how much Machaon worked with us on making sure the best outcomes from the trial showed through."

PhD, managing director, nutraceutical firm

Hamilton, New Zealand

"Machaon is fast! When you said you were the fastest reference lab in the US you weren't joking! I'm very impressed."

MD, Chair, Pediatric Neurosurgery

Chapel Hill, NC

"We are VERY happy – great quality results and turnaround time. Love the interpretive comments."

MD, Chair, Pediatric Neurosurgery

Chapel Hill, NC