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Clinical Match Policy

Machaon-grade Clinical Matching Policy

One of the most important steps in healthcare

Over 300 individuals with the name John Smith are born every day, making careful data matching a vital step in the delivery of high quality healthcare.

Machaon-grade clinical matching applies to data of many types. Test results, sample receipts, test status and other protected health information (PHI) can only be shared with clients after a successful clinical match has occurred. A minimum of two unique identifiers must match exactly in order for Machaon Diagnostics staff to accurately and safely link a patient with laboratory data.

Machaon Diagnostics complies with HIPAA regulations to define who has the authority to access PHI.

Unique Identifiers Include

  • First AND last names with spelling
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Medical Record Number (MRN)
  • Accession Number
  • Social security number (SSN)
  • Other unique identifiers

Where Does This Policy Apply

  • Linking samples to test orders
  • Linking patients to results
  • Linking patients to facilities
  • Linking patients to test status
  • Linking samples to courier status