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National and International Courier Solutions

We receive samples from all 50 US states and 20 different countries using a blend of regional, national and international couriers. We also employ specialty-trained staff couriers at each of our laboratory sites. Professional couriers can come to your lab or site and retrieve samples 7 days a week. Our couriers are able to transport room temperature, refrigerated and frozen (under dry ice) samples.


  • Less than 2 hours (platelet and PBMC samples)
  • Same-day options available
  • Overnight (domestic)
  • 48-hour (international)

Sample Variety

  • Room temperature, refrigerated and frozen
  • Plasma, serum, whole blood, urine, stool, tissue or other
  • Extracted DNA, extracted RNA
  • PBMS samples

Delivering results when they matter most.

“We are VERY happy; Great job in getting out the ADAMTS13 level & inhibitor screen! We are VERY happy – great quality results and turnaround time. Love the interpretive comments. Thanks – good job!”

MD, Chair, Pediatric Neurosurgery
Chapel Hill, NC

Machaon Kit Solutions

Quality is at Forefront

We support your kit needs for a variety of sample types and tests.  All kits are reviewed for quality before shipping to clients. Remote kit inventory monitoring ensures that your facility is supplied with a constant supply of ready to use kits.

Kit Inventory Quality Assurance

  • Remote kit inventory monitoring
  • Kit distribution management
  • Automated kit replenishment
  • Expiration date monitoring

Optional Add-ons

  • Lab manuals (customized)
  • Collection and processing guides
  • Job aids
  • Comprehensive supplies with manifest