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Client Support Services FAQ


How do I request shipping kits?
Machaon Diagnostics will send shipping kits to physicians' offices and medical centers for many of our tests. You can easily request kits by emailing We monitor their remote inventory and send additional kits when needed automatically.
Should I wait for a shipping kit for a STAT sample or critically ill patient?
No. We will walk your staff through how to send us a sample with their existing shipping supplies and/or our STAT courier. Call us at (800) 566-3462 if you have questions on how to process, package or ship a sample.
What is the CPT code for a certain test?
All CPT codes can be found on the specific test page on our website. CPT code stands for Current Procedural Terminology and represents a code set to bill laboratory services and other healthcare services.
What is the price for a certain test?
Call us at (800) 566-3462 or contact us for more information on test pricing.
How do I send a test to Machaon?
Sending tests to Machaon is easy. You don't need an account or contract and many of our first time clients send us samples without prior notification. We can provide shipping kits and courier services where needed. Please email or phone us at (800) 566-3462 if we can help?