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sIL-2RA Level (CD25)


This test is used to detect soluble IL-2Rα in human plasma or serum produced in response to increased activation of B and T cells and immune system activation. Studies show elevated levels of sIL-2Rα in serum with the onset of rejection episodes in allograft recipients, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) and in the course of some leukemias and lymphomas. This test may be of diagnostic and/or prognostic value in HLH, granulomatous, autoimmune, and malignant diseases.

STAT: < 24 hours (7 days a week)


Draw Tube: Purple Top

Sample Type: EDTA Plasma

Specimen Requirements

Sample Type Volume Required Minimum Volume Stability
PREFERRED EDTA Plasma 1mL 0.5mL Room Temp.: 3 days
Refrigerated: 3 days
Frozen (-20C): 1 month
Frozen (-80C): 6 months
ALTERNATIVE Serum 1mL - Room Temp.: 3 days
Refrigerated: 3 days
Frozen (-20C): 1 month
Frozen (-80C): 6 months
REJECTION CRITERIA Thawed in transit if shipped frozen, refrozen, clotted sample

General Information

STAT TAT < 24 hours (7 days a week)
STAT TAT Performance > 90% of results released in 20 hours 7 days a week
ROUTINE TAT < 1 week
ALTERNATIVE NAMES Soluble IL-2 Receptor Alpha level, sIL2R
DESCRIPTION Chromogenic ELISA for the quantitative measurement of soluble IL-2Rα in human plasma and serum.
NORMAL RANGE EDTA Plasma: 214-1910 pg/mL Serum: 325-1785 pg/mL

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SAMPLE REPORT Upon request

Test Codes

CPT CODE 84238
LOINC CODE 44422-4