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Kit and Supply Ordering


Please complete the below information and we will ensure you get the kits requested. Please note, all requests are subject to approval. Thank you for trusting us with your patient samples.

    Facility or Practice Name

    Existng or New Client

    Best address to send kits

    Name of the individual making request

    Email of individual making request

    Phone number of individual making request

    Select Kits and Quantities

    Alport Syndrome Genetic Panel kits

    Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) Genetic Panel kits

    ADAMTS13 Activity/Inhibitor/Antibody kits

    Hemophilia-Complete Severe Bleeding Genetic Panel kits

    aHUS/TMA Genetic Panel kits

    Heparin Antibody (HIT) kits

    C3G Genetic Panel kits

    PlateletGenex Functional Defect Panel kits

    COVID-19 Antibody Qualitative/Titer kits

    PlateletGenex Thrombocytopenia Panel kits

    Familial Genetic Testing kits

    VWD-Complete Genetic Panel kits

    Frozen Sample shipping boxes

    Other Genetic Panel kits

    List other genetic kits requested not listed above

    Please list the kits you are requesting that should be buccal swab kits

    Anything else we need to know