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Fast 4 TMA Program


Quick and Accurate


Free for Hospitals and Patients


Get drawn in your Office or Home


Machaon is a Leading Provider of ADAMTS13 Testing

ADAMTS13 testing made available to patients at no cost

Fast, Free and Easy

Machaon Diagnostics has partnered with the USTMA to offer free testing through the Fast4TMA program. Blood can be drawn in your home or office to maximize convenience to patients. Mobile phlebotomists are available across the United States. Our collection kits can be shipped to your home, office or hospital lab.

We are constantly looking for more opportunities to expand our list of sponsored tests. If you don’t see your test listed, please e-mail

What are patients saying?

130 Patients Responded to our Survey

If you could get ADAMTS13 drawn at your home, for free, would you?


Yes! I wouldn't have to get a ride to the hematologist's clinic for the draw. I can't drive that far anymore due to my health conditions.


My issue is that the insurance company doesn't want to approve the testing unless my other blood work shows a problem.


One less trip to the hospital. One less anxiety event. One less PTSD trigger.

Fast, free, simple, and offered by a leader in ADAMTS13 testing

Testing Details

ADAMTS13 Activity ADAMTS13 Antibody ADAMTS13 Inhibitor
Resulting time once sample is received < 24 hours
(7 days a week)
< 3 days < 24 hours
(7 days a week)
Done on reflex only No Yes Yes
Normal Range 40-130% <12 units/mL Negative
Inpatient Testing
  • ADAMTS13 activity with reflexive inhibitor and antibody
  • Same day resulting upon sample receipt
  • Machaon results include interpretation that will be complemented by USTMA educational materials
  • Additional consultation is available through USTMA
Outpatient Testing
  • Draws scheduled within 48 hours of request
  • Same day resulting upon sample receipt
  • Mobile phlebotomist can travel to patient's home for draw
  • Additional consultation available through USTMA

Made Possible By USTMA

The United States Thrombotic Microangiopathy (USTMA) Consortium is sponsoring ADAMTS13 testing at no charge as part of their Fast4TMA program. USTMA was established in 2014 as a grassroots effort to enhance the understanding of TMAs across the United States. Machaon is thrilled to work with the USTMA to offer this service to you for free.

Free & Easy

ADAMTS13 testing for eligible patients in the US (for free), offered through the USTMA and Machaon Diagnostics