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Heparin Turns 100!

Did you know heparin was discovered 100 years ago by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, having extracted it from horse liver? Heparin has played a major role in medicine since that time, saving countless lives as a valuable tool within surgery and as a dominant anticoagulant for decades. Unfortunately, up to 5% of patients receiving [ Read Moreo]

Machaon Highlights aHUS Awareness Day

aHUS awareness day is September 24th. aHUS is a rare disease that can be challenging to diagnose. This is how our medical director, Dr. Lewis, puts it: “…every time a patient walks in with anemia and thrombocytopenia, you have to think that it’s TTP or aHUS or something on that axes. If you don’t think [ Read Moreo]

Machaon Diagnostics Teams Up With Louisiana Coagulation

Machaon Diagnostics is pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Louisiana Coagulation to support rapid specialized clotting and platelet testing services in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area. Louisiana Coagulation Lab has existed for 24 years under the exceptional leadership of Dr. Gloria Coker, an internationally-recognized thought leader in the pathology of [ Read Moreo]

Four Reasons to Order Alport Syndrome Genetic Testing

Do you order Alport Syndrome Genetic testing? Here are four reasons why you should: Leading experts in the field recommend genetic testing as the gold standard for the diagnosis of Alport Syndrome (1). Genetic testing helps to distinguish between Alport Syndrome and other diseases with similar representations, such as thin basement membrane nephropathy or familial focal segmental glomerulosclerosis [ Read Moreo]

ASH 2015 Highlights

The annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Orlando in December was a great meeting and we enjoyed discussing bleeding and clotting with the physicians who stopped by our booth. Below are a few of the abstracts we found particularly interesting. We look forward to ASH 2016 in San Diego next year. Here is [ Read Moreo]

Kidney Week 2015 Recap – Important Abstracts

Machaon Diagnostics was an exhibitor at Kidney Week 2015 in San Diego. We had three good days in the exhibit hall and countless good conversations both about physicians we have helped or hospitals in need of our rapid testing services. The diagnosis of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS), caused by mutations in the complement immune system, [ Read Moreo]

Video of Grand Rounds Presentation with Dr. Brad Lewis

Machaon Diagnostics is pleased to announce a new video featuring a Grand Rounds presentation with our Medical Director, Dr. Brad Lewis, discussing diagnosing TMAs, including TTP and aHUS.   This presentation was at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA and was given to Pediatric Nephrologists. A timeline to the presentation: 00:24 – Introduction (Why we should care [ Read Moreo]

Machaon Diagnostics to give poster presentation at ISLH 2015

Machaon Diagnostics will give a poster presentation at the International Society for Laboratory Hematology annual meeting in Chicago, May 19-21. The poster is entitled “Perceived Clinical Utility of ADAMTS-13 Testing Decreases Quickly When Turnaround Time Extends Beyond Two Days.” Machaon Diagnostics has been performing ADAMTS-13 testing since our founding in 2003 and equals the fastest [ Read Moreo]

Machaon Diagnostics to give oral presentation at ASFA 2015

Machaon Diagnostics will give an oral presentation at the American Society of Apheresis (ASFA) annual meeting, taking place May 6-9 in San Antonio, TX. The presentation is from the abstract “Novel Variant Detection is Essential When Attempting to Genetically Confirm the Clinical Diagnosis of Complement-mediated Thrombotic Microangiopathies (TMA).” Machaon Diagnostics currently offers the fastest genetic test for [ Read Moreo]

Webinar features Dr. Brad Lewis discussing TMAs

On March 31st, Machaon Diagnostics will host a free webinar with our Medical Director, Dr. Brad Lewis. Titled “TMA, Clinical Diagnosis and Laboratory Testing, with Dr. Brad Lewis,” the webinar will feature Dr. Lewis sharing his thoughts and TMA algorithms (including the use of the aHUS Genetic Panel) based on his experience leading benign hematology at [ Read Moreo]