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Machaon Diagnostics is a clinical reference laboratory, specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of hemostatic and thrombotic conditions. Started as a collaboration of four laboratory scientists, Machaon Diagnostics has a defined vision to deliver customizable reference lab testing to the healthcare and bioscience industries.

We have rapidly grown into a group of pathologists, scientists, consultants and technologists dedicated to solving current thrombotic and bleeding disorders. Collectively, the Machaon Diagnostics team brings over 100 years of expertise to the field of thrombosis and hemostasis testing.

Our esoteric and routine testing menu applies to a wide variety of disorders and clinical situations and therefore draws attention from both a national and an international clientele. Our clients include community hospitals, university medical centers, commercial laboratories, research laboratories, doctor's offices, biotechnology firms and pharmaceutical companies.

Machaon strives to provide a cost-effective solution for hospitals and laboratories in need of both rare and routine laboratory testing. Our primary goal is to provide academic testing at the speed of industry.

Who was Machaon?
Machaon (pronounced may-chay-on) is a character from Homer's Iliad (800 B.C.) and a key figure in the Trojan War. Described as a warrior, surgeon and healer, Machaon was revered for saving the lives of Menelaus, King of Sparta, husband of beautiful Helen, and that of Philoctetes the famed Achaean leader. Under the direction of King Agamemnon, Machaon saved these and many other warriors during the fierce Greek and Trojan War. Machaon is remembered among the suitors of Helen and among those who hid inside the Wooden Horse. Thus is the story of Machaon.
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